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Argus World Processed Phosphates Outlook to 2030

An Argus Strategy Report

Changing demand patterns are increasingly impacting the structure of the processed phosphates industry. While ammonium phosphates continue to dominate the sector, the development of products incorporating secondary and micronutrients is likely to increase in response to a rapidly growing awareness of the need for and benefits of balanced fertilization. 

The Argus World Processed Phosphates Outlook to 2030 analyses the short, medium and long-term changes facing the phosphate fertilizers market. The report provides an overview of the market drivers of phosphate demand, along with a 15-year forecast of phosphate demand. Additionally, it includes an overview of the existing supply of phosphoric acid, ammonium phosphates (DAP/MAP), triple superphosphates (TSP) and single superphosphates (SSP) on a regional basis, as well as listing the projects under construction and their potential impact on the supply and trade outlook. Current dynamics of the international trade are also analysed. Price forecasts through to 2030 are provided for the major benchmarks of each of the above products, along with an outline of the methodology and assumptions used in generating the forecasts. 

Key Features:

  • The key markets for phosphate demand
  • Price forecasts through to 2030 including major price benchmarks
  • Overview of existing supply, projects under construction and the impact on the supply and trade outlook for the following industries:
    — Phosphate rock
    — Phosphate fertilizers
    — Phosphoric acid
    — Single superphosphate
    — Triple superphosphate
    — Ammonium phosphates

The report provides annual price forecasts to 2030 for the key international processed phosphate benchmarks: DAP, MAP, TSP, SSP and phosphoric acid.


The report presents essential insights, analysis and guidance for producers and consumers of processed fertilizer phosphates, as well as academics and investors in the fertilizer industry.

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