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The Fertilizer Index

Published jointly by Argus CRU Group and FERTECON

The Fertilizer Index benchmarks are used as the main settlement prices for international fertilizer swap contracts.

Weekly indexes are published for Urea, DAP and UAN markets and are calculated by averaging price assessments published by Argus, CRU and FERTECON — the world's three most respected providers of fertilizer information.

The Fertilizer Index report contains the following weekly price indexes:
  •     Urea (gran) fob barge Nola ($/st)
  •     Urea (prill) fob bulk Yuzhnyy ($/t)
  •     Urea (gran) fob bulk Egypt ($/t)
  •     DAP fob bulk Tampa ($/t)
  •     DAP fob barge Nola ($/st)
  •     UAN (32% N) fob barge Nola ($/st)
  •     Urea (prill) fob China bulk/bagged ($/t)
  •     Urea (gran) fob Middle East ($/t)
  •     Urea (gran) cfr Brazil ($/t)
  •     MAP cfr bulk Brazil ($/t)
  •     UAN (32% N) cfr US east coast ($/t)

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